“Call Me Your Unbroken” by Chuck Augello

I found this particular flash fiction while working on an assignment about literary magazines for my Advanced Fiction class. It’s about a failed musician who goes to his friend’s wedding,where he sees his old band mate Melissa. She was the girl that got away,  they reconnected because they played some of their band’s old songs, and then they slept together after all of these years. Pretty basic cliche plot line right?

Actually no,because it was almost as if the two characters had an entire lifetime together within the time period that they were in the hotel room before going back to their real lives. It was a little confusing at times because so much happened in such a short amount of time. It reminded me of something that would happen in a Doctor Who episode because when I was finished I thought “What just happened??, AWESOME!” (This is a typical reaction for my favorite Doctor Who episodes.)  I was sad I could not find him on twitter or facebook, and tell him how much I liked his story.

Here is the link to the story :  http://www.smokelong.com/flash/chuckaugello38q.asp


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1 Response to “Call Me Your Unbroken” by Chuck Augello

  1. Cathy Day says:

    This is a great act of literary citizenship.

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